VoiceTA has over 20 years of experience analyzing, repairing, maintaining and deploying telephony self service solutions. From national insurance and financial institutions to small retail shops, VoiceTA has the experience to make your solution a major marketing and customer service success story.

VoiceTA Inc. has grown simply by doing what we say we will do. From start to finish, we show our customers that we care about their interests, ideas, concerns and goals. We are not interested in your "order"…we want your business. We seek long-term relationships with our clients. Referrals make up our largest sales channel. This only happens because we are good and follow through on our commitments. We will continue to grow our business by seeking customers who understand the importance of well-placed technology and have the vision to see the future.

Our talented team of professionals can take your ideas and carefully mold them into a successful application. At VoiceTA Inc. we recognize the importance of your goals, time lines and budgets. We also know that making technology work takes the kind of expertise we offer.

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IVR Solution Administration & Development

  • Are you responsible for your company's voice response solution but have trouble keeping the system operational?
  • Do you have more projects than the IVR programmers have time for?
  • Are you performing the required system administration on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?
  • Are the IVR applications handling callers or just routing them to a person?
  • Have you lost the IVR trained programmers or system administrators?
  • Are you looking to implement a new IVR solution or feature: Faxing, Email, Voice Recognition?
  • Does your IVR vendor not understand your business needs?
  • Are you paying too much for IVR programming or system administration?

VoiceTA can assist you with your IVR solution needs:

  • System Administration:
    • VoiceTA will provide trained experts to analyze your systems operation and performance and produce a comprehensive report that will outline how each VRU is performing and give a comparison to other similar VRU systems.
    • VoiceTA will perform routine administration and problem resolution.
    • VoiceTA will provide highly qualified developers experienced with the implementation of IVR features: faxing, email, host terminal connections, data base interfaces and voice recognition engines.
  • Application design:
    • VoiceTA will meet with you to analyze and review how an IVR solution can best resolve your business and customer service needs. VoiceTA is continually reviewing IVR applications and formulating "best practices". The VoiceTA staff is very active in several IVR and telephony user groups.
  • Programming:
    • VoiceTA will provide IVR programmers to assist with the development and maintenance of your solution.
    • VoiceTA prides itself on providing a contracting staff willing to assist and train your IVR development team.
  • Quality Testing:
    • VoiceTA will analyze your solution and develop a comprehensive testing plan for both the IT staff and client community.
    • VoiceTA will have customer service experts test your solution and provide a detailed report identifying application deficiencies. A detailed report will provide the problems identified with recommendations on how to correct and improve the application.

    For more information please contact VoiceTA Inc. at Info@voiceta.com


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IVR Solution Analysis and Review

  • Is the solution customer friendly?
  • Are you achieving the desired level of service from your solution?

VoiceTA will review your existing IVR solution and provide a detailed report with suggestions on how to improve the wording and flow of the script. VoiceTA is continually evaluating IVR solutions and working with a network of consultants and vendors to provide current industry information on "best practices" approach to providing customer friendly, cost effective telephony services.

For more information please contact VoiceTA Inc. at Info@voiceta.com .

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IVR Solution Monitoring

  • Does your solution have problems that go undetected?
    • Failed host connections or locked databases?
    • Phone lines unable to answer?
    • Slow response time?

"There is no better test of an IVR solution than to call it."

VoiceTA will monitor your mission critical applications on a scheduled basis to verify customers are being properly serviced. This service is available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. If your system is having problems, VoiceTA will automatically notify you of the identified problem. With on-line diagnostic tools, VoiceTA is prepared to access your system remotely to begin evaluation of the problems and begin the repair process. Our proactive approach allows VoiceTA to solve many problems before the customer knows they occur.

For more information please contact VoiceTA Inc. at Info@voiceta.com .

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New Solution Analysis & Deployment

  • Project Management and Methodology
    To coordinate the smooth installation and production startup of your solution, a Project Manager is assigned to your account for the entire implementation process. Our standard methodology provides for extensive project management of tasks, milestones, and deliverables that are the responsibility of VoiceTA.

    The Project Manager is responsible for tracking the progress of all tasks and deliverables, communicating project status, developing remedial action plans, participating in meetings and providing reports to executive management. The Project Manager also develops a comprehensive Work Breakdown Structure and risk assessment for all projects.

  • VoiceTA recommends the following new solution life cycle:
    • Reviewing the organization and customer service needs.
    • Producing a Needs Analysis report.
    • Define a preliminary solution.
    • Generate a cost benefit analysis report.
    • Generate a very detailed Request for Proposal (RFP).
    • Solicit qualified vendors.
    • Generate an RFP items level of importance document.
    • Interview vendors.
    • Generate an RFP vendor comparison matrix document.
    • Review cost benefit analysis.
    • Define solution scope and plan of deployment.
    • Negotiate vendor hardware and services agreements.
    • Train staff: solution administration and development.
    • Install first phase of solution platform (hardware \ software).
    • Setup and programming of solution
    • Technical testing of solution.
    • Pilot testing solution with specifically selected group.
    • Review solution scope and implementation plan.
    • Final modification and testing.
    • Solution deployment.
    • Promote solution usage to call center and clients.
    • Monitor and review system operation and performance.
    • Survey call center for caller feedback.
    • Modify solution to best accommodate feedback issues.
  • Application Development
    Working from the detailed specification created for your solution, our developers will create the programs required for a successful deployment. The VoiceTA Development Team is comprised of veteran programmers certified in creating applications for call/contact flow process improvement. They posses vast experience in a diverse range of telephone and computing environments.
  • Installation/Integration
    The success of your new application requires that special attention be paid to all the details. Interactive Voice Response projects involve precise integration with your network, your PBX system, and your database or legacy system. VoiceTA Technical Specialists live with one foot in the telecommunications world and one foot in the data world.
  • Training
    Quality training assures that your people have the skills and confidence to be as productive as possible with the new system. Whether it is scheduling one-on-one training or devising a train-the-trainer program, we have the flexibility to customize the training to fit your needs. VoiceTA understands the importance of training your staff on new applications and systems administration.

For more information please contact VoiceTA Inc. at Info@voiceta.com.

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